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4-Ingredient 'Air Fryer Cream Cheese Pastries' Are a Quick and Easy Treat

A good cheese danish can be hard to find. And they look so complicated and time-consuming, we’ve never even considered making them at home. TikTok content creator @airfryer_archives changes our perspective with this mouthwatering, 4-ingredient recipe for air fryer cheese pastries. 

Prepare for hunger. These pastries look incredible! 

Are you kidding us?! We didn’t know it was possible to make cheese danish using Pillsbury crescent rolls. So easy! These look much better than anything you can buy at the store, and that sweet cheesy filling has to be especially mind-blowing while it’s still warm. To make each danish, she uses two triangles of crescent roll dough and she presses the seam closed. She creates an edge along the perimeter and then fills it with the cream cheese mixture. The variations for this danish are endless. You could mix in a swirl of blueberry preserves, raspberry, strawberry, and maybe even a few chocolate chips. Yum!

Viewers were finding their creative sides, and @DianneM_1011 commented,
“I wonder if I can try this with guava jelly. Love this guava and cream cheese pastries.” Yes, that’s a wonderful idea! Viewer @Jen1KoolChick1031 said, “Wow, I’m so trying this. I usually get them at Starbucks, but homemade is way better. Ty.” We think having a warm homemade pastry is way better, too, and just think of all the money you'll save!

These danish will make even grumpy teenagers happy to get out of bed this weekend. It might also be a great time to plan a hike in the crisp fall air and burn some extra calories, because these treats are sure to go down easy!