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Air Fryer 'Soft Boiled Eggs' Hack Is a Morning Game-Changer

It seems the list of things you can do with your air fryer just keeps growing by the day. And since easy egg hacks are one of our all-time favorite things, we're pretty excited about this next great idea. TikTok content creator @tower_housewares shows us how to make eggs in a whole new way. We would never have thought to make our eggs like this.

This fantastic idea will make breakfast a breeze!

Isn’t that something? What a great egg hack! This superb idea will save a ton of time in the morning. This is the perfect way, to make a mess-free egg on a busy weekday morning. Just pop them into the air fryer while you’re getting ready; throw a nice English muffin or a slice sourdough in the toaster, and you'll have an effortless hot and delicious breakfast. This idea will also help to make holiday entertaining a snap. It’s always so hard to serve a houseful of guests warm eggs at the same time, so this idea will allow us to easily prepare a dozen at once. We can throw a pound of bacon into the oven while these eggs cook and breakfast will be hot, fresh, and delicious. 

The audience was happy to see this easy hack. Viewer @John Dickson commented, “I’m impressed by how quick and uncomplicated that is!” We agree completely. Viewer @Shazza added, “just how I like my eggs.” Yes, us too!

We're always happy to enjoy soft-boiled eggs and we love this simple hack for making life easier.