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Stunning 'Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza Salad' Is the Ultimate Way to Snack

We’re huge pizza lovers. But it’s not difficult to understand why once you’ve tasted delicious pizza. Not all pizzas are equal. Yet there are multiple ways to upgrade your pizza.

In TikTok video content, creator @hungryhappens shares her recipe for Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza Salad. We don’t know if you’re hungry, but you will be once you watch the video. The crunch on this thing is just to die for.

How awesome is it to make a pizza with a tortilla shell? We never thought to use them for a pizza. But now that we know we’ll be making these over the weekend. The pesto, cheeses, baby arugula, and tomatoes make these air-fried pizzas a feast for the senses. Plus, it won’t take long to cook them up.

It’s easy to see why we love this recipe. It’s for a healthy yet simple-to-make pizza. It’s a win/win for us. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded. User @Cherylc0510 wrote, “That looks amazing.” @Mónica Paz - Terapia Integral revealed, “I love snacks like this one.” @LimitedGrains exclaimed, “Looks so good!” @TP shared, “I’m in love with your food, and you too!” @Tiffani Griffin wrote, “OMG, I’m trying this. It looks so good.” @Cookiemix76 disclosed, “I keeps the PESTO on hand. This is a great snack/meal.” @Ashley Heffner revealed, “I air-fried mine for 3 minutes on 360. And then another 5 minutes on 360 with all the toppings.” 

It seems like people really want to give this recipe a chance. We’re pleased so many people find it useful. If you enjoyed the recipe and want more food ideas visit @hungryhappens’ TikTok channel. It’s full of fantastic recipes you’ll want to see.