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Passengers’ Over-the-Top Airplane Snack Boxes Are Giving Us Life

Eating is one of our favorite things to do. That’s because there are so many delicious foods to try. You can have a breakfast burrito with a cup of tea to start your morning. A vegetarian pizza with a smoothie is great for lunch. Then baby back ribs, cheese broccoli, and wild brown rice for dinner. Whatever your meal preference, there’s food to suit your tastes! But what happens when you’re on the go and having a meal isn’t possible?

A re-posted viral video by content creator @jenmariekirk films a glimpse of her snack box she brought on a plane. This is a better option if you get the munchies in the air but don’t want to rely on plane food. We’re totally packing these for our next flight.

We want to sit with these guys on our next flight. Those snacks offer a variety of salty and sweet flavors. But are TikTok viewers ready to mix and mingle their snacks on a plane? User @swiley1010 said, “Snackle box. Brilliant.” @glendaa555 replied, “I remember this one!! Thought it was genius.” @Nervana2011 remarked, “Using your idea for our next family vacay🥰❣️🇨🇦.” @Emily Otteson | Jewelry confirmed, “Ok, I’m making these next time. Genius.” Another user joked, “That’s right, there’s no sharing. Get your own!” But before you get yours, check out how she packs her snackle box.

This idea is a winner. It offers an excellent quantity of snacks. Plus, it’s easy to carry. If you want to grab one of those containers, @jenmariekirk said in the original post she purchased them at “Bass Pro Shop, PLANO tackle box.” However, some viewers commented they bought their box on Amazon. Whichever store you choose is up to you. But make sure you buy the right snacks. We don’t all love dried apricots and raisins. 

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