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American Mom’s Grocery Shopping Trip in Japan Is Serious Culture Shock

We love gabbing about things going on abroad. Whether it’s restaurants, recipes, food chains, or grocery shopping, things that go on in other countries fascinate us. We’ve previously discussed grocery shopping in Germany. Today we’re changing locations and focusing on Japan. Japan is one of our favorite places to feature. Their food and attractions always look amazing. Seriously, we want to go there. If you’ve always wondered what a Japanese grocery store looks like, then you’re in for a treat.

In a TikTok video by content creator @via.summers.eye, she shares footage of her trip to a Japanese grocery store. It was a culture shock for this American mom. But we’d still love to experience it for ourselves. Everything looks so yummy.

Can you believe the prices for those grapes? Goodness, we didn’t realize fruit was so expensive in Japan. However, we are positive the price is worth it. Japanese food tends to taste better than what we have in the states. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers feel about this shopping experience. User @Shyan Vigil disclosed, “In Japan, they shop daily. Here we shop bi-weekly, so we stock up.” @Lauren wrote, “I want to buy portions of things in the US. I struggle to eat everything, even with a family of 3.” @gabreeW revealed, “The fruit in Japan is usually more expensive because in Japan fruit is used as a gifted to people for a special occasion.”

We love the comments from people living in Japan. We didn’t realize fruit was given as a gift or that Japanese people tend to shop more often than Americans. If you’re curious about the total cost of the shopping trip, @via.summers.eye commented, “$55.00.” That sounds like a great deal considering all the food she bought. To see more content about an American military family living in Japan, visit @via.summers.eye’s TikTok channel.