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Video Showing the ‘American Section’ of a German Grocery Store Is Cracking Us Up

If you’ve ever been abroad, you know that sometimes you’ll get homesick. Aside from missing your family and friends, you might miss things available in your home country that are not readily available where you’re living. You’d think other countries would have the same items, but that’s not always the case. Grocery shopping in another country might cause a cultural shock.

In a recent TikTok video, user @bswantravels is visiting Berlin, Germany. She decided to film her trip to the grocery store. As she toured the store, she noticed an American aisle. Boy, the things she found in that aisle made us laugh. What does this say about the United States as a country?

Yes, that aisle screamed artificial sugar! If that’s how other countries see our eating habits, we’re in sad shape. Let’s see what the TikTok community recommended regarding items missing from the shelves. User @Aleksei Mironchik suggested, “As a New Yorker, I’d say bagels.” @Courtney asked, “Oreos?” @Sammy replied, “Hot Cheetos.” @Ava remarked, “Potatoes chips.” @Ian Brown said, “Hostess/Little Debbie snacks. BBQ sauce as well.” User @Nika Vlogs suggested “Apple pie,” and we agree.

Yes, those items should be on the shelves with the numerous jars of peanut butter. However, there is something present that you may have overlooked. User @Keegan said, “I’ve never seen that many US flags on foods before unless it’s the 4th of July.” Haha, You’re absolutely right, @Keegan. But being seen as a Patriotic country isn’t a bad thing. We wish they could have included some Cap’n Crunch or Cheerios. We love those cereals.