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Woman From Chicago Reacts to Trying Unique McDonald's Menu Items in the U.K.

McDonald’s is an American icon. Even if you don’t eat there, you’re familiar with the golden arched fast-food restaurant. Since McDonald’s burst onto the scene in April 1955, it’s become a pop culture icon. It’s a global brand that continues to grow. But were you aware that some McDonald’s restaurants have items not available in the U.S.?

TikTok user @.jenwhite recorded her trip to a McDonald’s in the United Kingdom (U.K.). She reviews menu options not available in the U.S. If you’re curious about what she ate, check out the video. Heads up! Some of the foods got a better rating than others.

Well, we’re officially fans of McDonald’s across the pond. We’d love to taste those Veggie Dippers even though @.jenwhite wasn’t too impressed. Also, that Chicken Legend sandwich looks delicious. We’ll take our chances with all the doughiness. Haha! But we aren’t the only ones wishing for these menu options. User @ JordNicole exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I miss the US premium chicken wraps!” @Alice remarked, “So interesting to see how different their food is from ours.”

Well, traveling abroad certainly exposes you to new things. We’re happy @.jenwhite shared her U.K. McDonald’s dining experience. But it seems you didn’t try all the available menu choices. User @Karah Leigh said, “I was so happy to get a McPlant in the UK! So much better than the Impossible Whopper from BK.” Hmm, it sounds like we need another video.

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