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Fall Recipe for 'Apple Cider Donut Cake' Has People Saying 'OMG'

We rarely meet a dessert that we don’t like, especially in the fall, with all the wonderful tastes and smells everywhere you turn. TikTok content creator @cakebabe.mj shows us how to combine two of our favorite fall treats into one spectacular apple cider donut cake. Sign us up!

This doubly delicious dessert is the thing dreams are made of.

We love apple cider donuts and we always love cake. Bringing those two beautiful desserts together is so smart! This apple cider doughnut cake looks so moist and delicious, we won’t be able to sleep until we try it. In addition to your regular pantry items, this recipe uses applesauce and apple cider. A link to the recipe on her blog can be found here.

This cake will go so beautifully at a dinner party or a weekend brunch. It would also be terrific to take along on Thanksgiving. This cake would be ideal for freezing, too. Simply slice it up, get a nice tight wrap on each slice, stick them in the freezer, and enjoy them for weeks. It’s always so satisfying to have a beautiful piece of homemade cake with a cup of coffee or tea. (Especially in the winter when everything is so cold and you can’t find anything fresh.)

The audience was looking forward to giving this a try. Viewer @brightmomentco, commented,” I very much need to make this.” That’s for certain, we do, too! And commenter @BotticelliFoods, said “Omg yummmm” Yes, that sums it up perfectly! 

This beautiful cake will be the hit of any gathering, and it will certainly make your house smell divine while baking, too.