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Incredible 'Apple Nachos' Recipe Is the Snack We All Need

If you still have an abundance of delicious fall apples, but have grown tired of eating them plain, this next recipe is going to be a real game-changer. TikTok content creator @thesaltycooker shows us how to make apples “nachos” style, and we think they look pretty darn sensational. 

This stellar idea is the perfect afternoon snack. Your kids will beg you for this healthy treat!

Yummy! One of our all-time favorite snacks is an apple with peanut butter and mini-chocolate chips, so this up-grade has us totally captivated. This easy idea used sliced and cored apples spread out on a plate. She drizzles honey and peanut butter over the slices and then garnishes the dish with dried cranberries, peanuts, and cinnamon. Yummy. We love this crunchy snack idea! 

We'd definitely include chocolate chips or maybe even butterscotch chips on our apple nachos. Raisins could also work here, walnuts, pecans or almonds too. Oat or cookie butter could also taste sensational on these slices. There are so many ways to make this healthy snack, you’ll never get bored.

The audience also loved this smart idea. Viewer @Winston_Gigi commented, “I made this, and it's incredible. Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing the recipe.” That’s great to hear! Viewer @Mari noted, “Gonna have to try it with almond butter or Nutella because one of my nephews is allergic to peanuts.” And the recipe's creator replied, “Those are great substitutes; sunflower butter works great too.” Both sound delightful! Viewer @Camping&Coffee wasn’t feeling the love, saying, “If there are no nacho chips, it should be illegal to call these nachos!! Period.” Too funny!

This fabulous snack idea has arrived at the perfect time, and will help everyone recover from all the Halloween candy!