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Nostalgic Recipe for 'Apple Roll' From the 1940s Is All Sorts of Comforting

You know when you see an old recipe box, the magic is going to be real. We love old fashioned recipes, as they never seem to disappoint us. TikTok content creator @pasttimecook brings us a fall treat from the 1940s, and we've got to try it now! 

It's a recipe for "apple roll," which sort of reminds us of cinnamon rolls. This looks so much better than that, or even apple pie

We love it! This recipe starts by making biscuit dough, and she tells us this dough is called a rich dough because it contains sugar. Interesting! She uses a saucepan and makes a simple syrup made of water and sugar on the stove. She mixes all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and then cuts in the butter. She works the dough into a nice ball and then rolls it out. 

On top of the dough, she places petite diced apples and then rolls them up. Then, she slices the roll and takes each individual piece and places it in a skillet with the simple syrup on the bottom. Wow. Next is our favorite part; she cuts pieces of butter and places them all over the top of the rolls. Now, this beauty is off to bake and when it’s done, you can plate it and pour any remaining syrup over the top. Yummy!

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Viewers were captivated, and @elloello9 commented, "Baking in syrup? I’ve never seen a recipe like that. So unusual!! Viewer @Ross Allard tells us, "My Mem did similar, had raisins and she used dark brown sugar in the syrup. Amazing." That sounds delightful, too!

We are very excited to give this a try, and we know anyone who sees this clip will also feel the extra special connection to yesteryear.

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