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Recipe for 'Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Grilled Cheese' Has Us Speechless

Is eating a gooey grilled cheese one of your favorite things? It’s definitely one of ours and this next recipe has us running for our frying pans. TikTok content creator @healthfulradiance_ shares her avocado grilled cheese recipe. It looks amazing and it can be made vegan, too!

This isn’t the grilled cheese from your childhood; this sandwich is all grown up.

This is one sensational sandwich. You won't be hungry an hour after lunch with this meal. For this beautiful grilled cheese, she uses two slices of bread with cream cheese on one side, vegan, if you prefer. Then she puts two pieces of provolone on the other side and layers, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and mashed avocado on top. The outer pieces of bread get brushed and butter and pan fried for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. We are feeling so hungry after seeing this delectable sandwich. 

You can easily customize the sensational idea in so many ways. Instead of sun-dried tomatoes, could add peppers, pickles, or thinly-sliced fresh tomatoes. If provolone or cream cheese aren't your favorites, you can always use cheddar or American cheese, too. If you're not making the sandwich vegan, a few slices of bacon might also taste phenomenal here. Yummy!

Viewers enjoyed seeing the sandwich, and viewer @saramarzi commented, “I did it today.. it was amazing.” We bet it was! Viewer @Daisy said, “dream of a sandwich, now I'm hungry.” Yes, us too! Viewer @fourmatte commented, “not me thinking that's a post-it note and not cheese.” Too funny! We thought that too for a second.

This wonderful sandwich idea will become our lunch today. We can’t wait to get ourselves a bite of this amazing creation.

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