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Baby Stops at Nothing to Get Her Doritos and We Can’t Stop Smiling

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Do you have a child? If so, they probably love to get into mischief, especially if they’re young. Kids are curious by nature. Once they set their mind to something, persuading them to do another task is different. But what happens when your kid wants to munch on a snack you don’t want them to eat? You could stand your ground and keep it away from them. However, even the best parent can be outsmarted by a hungry kid.

In a TikTok video by content creator @snackbandits, they show their young daughter Dylan fulfilling her snack wish. Wait until you see her take matters into her own hands. This little girl knows what she wants.

She’s such an adorable girl. We couldn’t stop smiling as she ate her Doritos with her tiny bites. It was too cute. But do the TikTok viewers think this video is a winner? Let’s find out. User @Felicia R Liggins Jo said, “This should've been a Super Bowl commercial!” @bailey_ginger wrote, “Dylan is so cute and happy.” @angelgirl1225 replied, “She knows what she wants.” @selenagiordani7 remarked, “So adorable sitting in a bag. LOL.” @Kurama said, “Too cute, that giggle when you walked in.” @Doub00gate777 joked, “That look she gave when you first came around the corner, though. LOL. Priceless.”

We agree that Dylan’s reaction to her dad speaking to her is priceless. We know Doritos aren’t the best foods for young kids, but a few won’t harm her. If you enjoyed this video, visit @snackbandits’ TikTok channel. It’s full of family-centered videos. Plus, you’ll get to see Dylan get into more shenanigans.