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Baby Goes Into a ‘Food Coma’ After Eating at ‘Cracker Barrel’ and We Can Relate

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Those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving know what it’s like to be lulled into sleepy time. The turkey has tryptophan, which helps promote a good night of rest. But turkey isn’t the only thing to causes sleepiness. Just eating a good meal might make us feel at ease. If you were tired before the meal, then the feeling of relaxation might get triggered after eating.

In a recent TikTok video by user @amypatterson21, we see a sweet moment for her son. He’s enjoying his Cracker Barrel sandwich when the sandman decides to visit. His reaction to his snack is hilarious. You won’t want to miss it. The grilled cheese he ate put him right out.

Isn’t he the cutest baby? He tried so hard to fight the food coma. But ultimately, his need for a nap won out. It’s okay, little man. We can relate. People are getting such a kick out of this kid. User @RRT/Ma joked, “He was looking up to the Lord for strength. LOL,” @hello.ddot said, “That’s a melatonin grilled cheese!” @Taylar Collins exclaimed, “He was fighting so hard! So cute!!” @cinniepie remarked, “Team ’No Nap’ fought tooth and nail, though.” @Helen Banner jested, “Been there, but I was 21, and it was 3 am.”

We’re glad people can understand the struggle of sleep vs. hunger. It’s not always an easy battle. But we’re positive his body was happy for the nap. If you enjoyed this wholesome video, head over to @amypatterson21’s TikTok channel. There are tons of cute clips with sleepy man.