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Gooey 'Babybel Cheese Bites' Recipe Is Out of This World

If mozzarella sticks are at the top of your favorites list, this next idea is going to knock your socks off. TikTok content creator @phoebesrecipes shows us how to make a whole new kind of fried cheese. We won’t be able to rest until we try it. 

This little baby has one cheesy pull! 

How have we not thought to do this before? It might just be Thanksgiving on the brain, but we would love to dunk those little creamy circles into a cranberry dipping sauce. If you’ve been searching for a creative appetizer to go with your turkey, this will do the trick! Instead of breading mozzarella cheese sticks, she uses round baby bell cheese. Remove the wax from the rounds, bread as you would mozzarella sticks and air fry. These little cheeses make a nice visual presentation and can also be served with marinara or ranch for dipping. If you’re making sliders, you could pop one of these melty rounds on top of a meatball, too. We're feeling hungrier by the minute. 

The audience was happy to see this great idea. Viewer @oskakscou9o commented, “I don’t even like cheese, but these look so good.” Viewer @Eva;) chimed in with, “I don't like baby bells but these look bangin’.” They do look tasty! Many viewers also felt like @randomperson, who said, “iIs that food or slime I'm traumatized by people making slime into food and now idk the difference.” That’s very funny.

We think these babies look delicious! We'll be saving the leftover cranberry sauce and adding these to our game day menu for sure!

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