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Mom Goes to Extremes to Prep Back-to-School Lunches and Makes Us Look Like Amateurs

Being a mother means constantly being busy with kids, household responsibilities, and a job. When your life is this hectic, you look for ways to plan and prepare for the future whenever you have the spare time. One mother does this to the extreme, and we are in awe!

This mom, @__dailydanielle on TikTok, buys and prepares her kids' school lunches and snacks for the next four months before school even starts for the new year! She stocks up on tons of supplies at Aldi and pre-portions everything ahead of time while freezing the perishables that won't be used right away. We are so here for this mom-hack. Watch the video to see how prepared this woman is and get some ideas for your own back-to-school shopping!

Wow, we can't believe how on top of back-to-school prep this mom is! Most of us can't even figure out what to make for lunch today, let alone months from now. On top of that, she did some savvy shopping because that haul was A LOT of food for only $133! 

So many people in the comments are impressed and amazed by this mom, and they're asking her for tips on storing the food and making it last until November. @aythatsray said, "Please show how you store these uncrustables, waffles, etc. This momma has a baby going to kindergarten this year and we need all things easy!" and @pittelk commented, "I can’t believe this will last til November, can you share how you package all this up to make it last that long please?" In response, the video creator said she would make several videos on how she preps, so check back for when she posts those!

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It's so awesome how this mom is able to plan so far in advance! We just know her level of organization extends to other aspects of her life, and her kids are so lucky to have these lunches ready to go each day.


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