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Simple 'Bacon Egg and Cheese Quesadilla' Is the Breakfast Inspo We Need

If you’d love to see a new breakfast idea made from an old favorite stay with us. You’re going to love this easy recipe. TikTok content creator @mad_about_food shows us how to make a savory breakfast quesadilla, and it looks absolutely delicious! 

Forget the fast-food breakfasts. This quesadilla can be taken on the go!

We love this easy idea, and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves. This simple breakfast can be whipped together in a flash, wrapped in foil, and taken on the road. The recipe uses two scrambled eggs poured into a hot oiled pan, with a tortilla placed on top. Then it's flipped, cheese and bacon are added, and it's topped with another tortilla and flipped until it's golden. 

This idea is even easier if you’re using leftover or pre-cooked bacon. Leftover sausage crumbles could also work nicely here. If you wanted to get a little extra veggies in, you could always add baby spinach to the eggs or you could throw in last night's leftover veggies, too. 

The audience loved this sensational idea. Viewer @user7881240618625 asked, “What tortillas do you use?” And the recipe's creator replied, “Mission brand low-carb, usually for my wife! I personally like Siete foods almond flour tortillas for this.” Both sound like great ideas to us! Viewer @Melissa Spaniel asked, “what are you spraying on the tortilla?” And the creator replied, “Some avocado oil to make sure it doesn’t stick when it flips. Usually doesn’t, but wanted to be sure for the video.” That’s good advice.

We're excited to give this recipe a taste! With the all holidays indulgences right around the corner, we love the idea of keeping this recipe low-carb, too.