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Stunning Recipe for 'Baked Brie Bites' Has Us Totally Obsessed

If you never say no to Brie, and are always happy to have an excuse to eat puff pastry, you need to see this recipe. We know what you might be thinking; you’ve seen Brie in puff pastry before, but not quite like this. TikTok content creator @wellnessbykay shows us a whole new way to make puff pastry with Brie and it looks sweet, savory and absolutely delicious.

Beautiful baked Brie with this spicy twist will become your new go-to appetizer! 

Wow, these look so sensational! This is such a great idea, we would never have thought to combine creamy Brie, savory salami and our favorite jam inside a piece of pastry. With the salty salami, the balance of that sweet apricot just feels so right. If apricot isn’t your favorite flavor, we think cherry, fig, or honey would complement the spicy meat beautifully, too.

The audience was ready to give this idea a taste. Viewer @PingPong commented,"That would go perfectly with a glass of wine.” Yes, we like the way you think. Viewer @avokaitdo suggested, "They would be awesome with an apple jam too!” Sounds sure delicious to us and so nice in the fall. Viewer @SamStewart asked, "Am I the only one that doesn’t eat the Brie rind???? I cut it off.” We think either way you like it, it will work just fine!

This delightful appetizer is another great game day snack and it would definitely make a stunning appetizer for the holidays as well. Since the holidays are still far away, and we always like to test our recipes first, we will be giving them a try this weekend!