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'Baked Gnocchi' Recipe Is So Good This Woman Can't Stop Dropping 'F-Bombs'

When an Italian lady from NY tells you something is fluffing delicious, you listen, because they know things. TikTok content creator @wickedtreats333 shares a gnocchi recipe like we’ve never seen done before. This scrumptious recipe could not be more effortless!

This impressive Italian meal couldn’t be any fluffing easier to prepare! 

Amazing! Even if you've never cooked a meal in your life, you can totally prepare this recipe like a rock-star. For the simple dish, she starts by covering a sheet pan in cherry tomatoes. She adds a package of mini-gnocchi and then she adds the oil from 2 containers of seasoned mozzarella balls. She adds fresh basil and garlic, stirs it all together with the oil, and then bakes at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Then, she adds the mozzarella balls to the pan and puts it back in the oven for an additional 5 minutes. 

This meal comes out looking like a five-star dish. If you're going to be hosting for the holidays, this easy recipe will provide you with a great meal to feed your houseguests while you're preparing your feast. If you need more protein, you could serve an easy rotisserie chicken on the side. 

The audience was so excited about this dish! Viewer @donnacharles280 commented, “I just made this tonight. My word, this is the bomb!” Viewer @ShuranWrites said, “I made this last night, it was awesome! Thanks for sharing.” That’s so good to hear! Viewer @CarlaCamerino added, “Why is everyone so pressed about the swearing??? It’s who she is and it’s her account, and we Italians swear especially when it comes to food!” Hey, Italians are passionate people, that’s why we make such great food!

We are so fluffing excited to try this out! In case you’re wondering what we will be serving the night before Thanksgiving, it will be this easy dish!