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Quick Recipe for 'Baked Tortellini Lasagna' Makes Us Want to Weep

If you love eating lasagna but hate making it, this fabulous recipe for tortellini lasagna is going to become your new favorite meal! TikTok content creator @healthylittlepeach shares her brilliant recipe with us, and we have to tell you, it looks unbelievably delicious! And it’s ready to eat in only 30 minutes! 

After you see this tortellini, you may never want to eat regular lasagna again! 

OMG, this looks unreal! This sensational meal sure won’t leave anyone feeling hungry. Those cheesy tortellini look so much more satisfying than plain old lasagna noodles. This super hack doesn’t leave out any of the good stuff. She starts by browning her meat with garlic and onion. Then, she adds in the sauce, ricotta cheese, cooked tortellini, salt, and pepper. She allows that to cook for about five minutes and then she tops it with shredded mozzarella cheese. It goes into a 400-degree oven for 8-10 minutes and it’s topped with fresh basil before serving. This is so much easier than making regular lasagna! We have to give this a try immediately.

The audience also loved the smart idea, and viewer @Lori made this right away. She tells us, “I made this last night, it was so good.” She also shared her variation, "We used a turkey burger, which husband hates, but with all the ingredients, he couldn’t taste it.” That’s great to hear! Viewer @Mel commented, “Adding this to my list!” That’s a good idea; we are too!

We can’t wait to taste this easy tortellini lasagna and we have a strong feeling this will become a family favorite!