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Simple 'Baked Zucchini Egg Tortilla' Is a Total Must-Try Recipe

We adore unique and easy, to-go egg recipes! We especially love egg recipes that include zucchini, as there's just something about this combination that's dreamy to us. We think it feels like a Mediterranean vacation and eating your breakfast on a porch somewhere in the Tuscan countryside. 

Content creator @hungryhappens takes us on a mental vacation with her baked zucchini and egg tortilla recipe. You'll fall in love with this beautiful breakfast idea. It's worth getting out of bed for! 

How great does this look? You can almost smell the melty, cheesy eggs. We love the flavorful but simple combination of shallots and zucchini together. Simply pour the scrambled eggs into the tortilla-lined baking dish, add the cooked veggies, and then top with cheeses, like a nutty gruyere. Yum! Then, just bake it until set. Yep, we are so ready to try this. An additional benefit of this healthy recipe is getting some extra veggies in,early in the day. We are so happy that you can pick up something this pretty and take it on the go too! We are loving everything about this idea!

Viewers were ready to try this recipe ,and user @MuckingFuddle describes this breakfast perfectly, saying, "Omg! This is art!" And commenter @user2247609730882 shares another great idea, "Making for breakfast tomorrow with peppers and mushrooms as well. Thank you for the recipe." 

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Commenter @OliveLover said, "Omg tomorrow morning for sure." We agree completely. All we know, is that we are setting our alarms early, just so we can taste this sooner!

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