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Chef's Easy Tip for Making 'Bakery-Style' Muffins Is Absolutely Genius

Waking up in the morning can feel like a chore. Getting out of your warm bed after sleeping doesn’t make us happy, especially on a Monday. But it’s part of living. However, your daily rise and shine will flow smoothly if you have something to eat. Breakfast saves you from the hanger of rushing into your day on an empty stomach. We understand some people can’t eat right after waking up. So, it’s a good idea to grab something for when your stomach finally rumbles.

In a TikTok video, content creator @marthacollison shares her tip for making bakery-style muffins. We really like this idea, and it’s not because we’ve been using it for years. It’s because it’s inexpensive and works. We can't get over how much this makes sense.

Don’t you love the idea of putting some water into the oven? Since ovens get very hot, this is the perfect solution to keeping the moisture in your muffin mixture. You’ll want to start using this tip as soon as possible. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded. User @dm8282737937 said, “These look like old fashion coffee cake muffins, need their recipe, please!” @Pushing Pens wrote, “It also works if you add another dish of water into the oven. Then you can fill the full tin too.” @bevinkathryn replied, “Was planning to bake some muffins tonight, can’t wait to try this!”

Great! We’re happy people want to test out this baking tip. We are certain you’ll enjoy the results. If you like cooking and baking, please visit @marthacollison’s TikTok channel. You’ll be thankful you did.