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Baker Demonstrates How Cold Ingredients Are Ruining Your Baked Goods

When the baking bug bites, it’s time to head into the kitchen. Gather your tools and ingredients, then hop to it. We tend to bring our phones or laptops to follow the recipe instructions. Within minutes of measuring, pouring, and mixing, you’ll have batter or dough. But baking doesn’t always come easy for some people. Science is involved.

Did you know the temperature of your ingredients impacts the outcome of your baked goods? Yes, if your ingredients are too cold, they can cause undesired results. Baking is such a fascinating process. Watch the video by TikTok user @popkitchenfromparade to learn more.

Talk about an informative video. It’s fascinating that cold ingredients might cause dense cake or flat cookies. Was this information taught in Home Economics class? If so, we may have been absent that day. However, it’s helpful to know it now. The video provides three key tips for warming up your ingredients. First, slicing your chilled butter into cubes will help it reach room temperature quicker. Second, placing your eggs in a bowl and running them under warm water helps them develop a “consistent and pleasant texture.”

The third tip involves pouring your milk into a glass measuring cup and microwaving it for fifteen-second intervals until it reaches room temperature. If you’re old school and want to warm it up on the stovetop, go ahead. Just make sure you don’t overheat it, or you’ll need to wait for it to cool down. But regardless of how you accomplish warming up your ingredients, at least you’ve improved your chances of baking a perfect pie. That’s reason enough to give these tips a try.

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