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Stunning Banana Pudding Recipe Comes With a Secret Ingredient

We are getting pretty excited about the upcoming holiday dessert season. There are just so many wonderful treats to enjoy and banana pudding is one of our favorites. TikTok content creator @autumnhamilton1991 shows us how to make the dish with a sensational secret ingredient. We wish we could eat this right now!

You don’t even need to turn on the oven for this dreamy dessert. 

This wonderful idea will level-up your average banana pudding recipe. Those Chessmen cookies are so buttery and delicious, they must make this entire dish sing! This effortless recipe starts with lining a baking dish with the cookies. Cover the cookie layer with sliced bananas. Make your Jell-O instant vanilla pudding. Then whip together 1 block of cream cheese with 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. 

Fold in one container of Cool-Whip topping and then fold in your prepared pudding. Wow, this looks so delicious! Spread that rich pudding over your sliced bananas and then top it with another layer of buttery cookies. Yum, yum, yum! We love the holiday designs on these cookies, and they're sure to make your pudding look extra-festive. If banana isn’t your favorite flavor, you can always try it with chocolate, pistachio, or butterscotch.

 The audience loved this idea and viewer @ user5668684744894 commented, “Chessmen cookies instead of Nilla wafers. Ok I'm trying this!!!” We are too! Viewer @Nayknows33 commented, “The best! My family eats this for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving!” That’s a family tradition we could enjoy too! Viewer @Artybby commented, “Usually make it in the spring for Easter, but I use strawberry purée for the top. Kinda like a banana split.” Well, that sound absolutely luscious, too.

We'll be adding this upgraded dessert to our holiday menu. This pudding will surely please everyone at our table and we can’t wait to try it.