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Barista's First Time Making Boba Tea Goes Hilariously Wrong

When learning a new skill, some pick things up more quickly than others. It may take you a few times to get the hang of the skill. But the learning process can be fun if you laugh at yourself.

TikTok content creator @katiefeeneyy shared her experience making Boba Tea for the first time. We weren’t ready for this comical moment. Wait until you see what happens.

We give her credit for attempting to place the boba tea cup into the machine properly. If you look at how she did it to us, it seemed the right way. But man, we were wrong. The poor girl had to watch as the Boba Tea spilled everywhere. Thank goodness she’s got someone helping her through the process. Hopefully, she was able to learn the machine after filming her clip.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this clip. User @Teadori wrote, “It’s ok, Katie, we give second chances.” @Leah_ joked, “YOU’RE GETTING FIRED FOR SURE.” @ KF Fanpage16 said, “It Wouldn't Be A Perfect Katie Video Without Mess. LOL.” @Kennedyisthebest replied, “OMG, this looks so fun.” @Kirsten Merrill remarked, “Why would that actually be me, though? Lol.” @Jillian Jordyn said, “Impeccable sound placement.” @Cerealisyummy revealed, “I've never had Boba.” @dood admitted, “That's a $5.50 drink wasted.” @Hannah wrote, “It’s fine. I would have failed too. Lol.”

We’re glad everyone enjoyed the video. Sometimes in life, it takes a few tries to get something right. But we’re all human, so it’s all good. If you enjoyed the clip and want more content, visit @katiefeeneyy’s TikTok channel. 

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