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'Spicy Rigatoni Pizza' From New York City Pizzeria Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

If you have a bucket list and you haven’t done so already, eating a pizza in New York City, should definitely be at the top of it. There's no pizza in the USA that really compares to a fresh slice, coming straight out of New York. And in our experience, sometimes, it's even better than some of the pizza we’ve had in Italy. 

TikTok content creator @devourpower shows us a next level, delicious idea, from Baxter Street Pizza in Chinatown, where they are serving up spicy rigatoni on their pizza pie. We love everything about this idea! This surley helps to streamline any mealtime decision making. No longer having to choose between pizza or pasta, you can indulge in the best of both worlds. Where do we sign up? We won’t be able to sleep tonight, knowing this is out there, waiting to be eaten. Rigatoni on a pizza? We are so hungry after seeing this!

OMG. Does it look to die for, or what? We're not alone in our amazement of this unique pizza. TikTok user @Joe Sasto asks, “Why does this feel illegal?" We don’t know why Joe, but it sure does feel criminal to us, too. 

Another commenter, @Erin brought up a controversial pizza topping topic, saying, ”So long as stuff like this exists, I don't want to hear a DARN thing about pineapple on pizza.” Huh. We think there are many users who will agree with that sentiment. We're also liking the vibe from @Akhil Patel, who chimed in with, “SPICY RIGATONI MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!!” We agree! The thought of it makes us feel good, too. Taking a trip to NYC for a delicious pizza just might have to happen in the near future.

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