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Sisters' Recipe for Beginner-Friendly 'Homemade Soft Pretzels' Looks Positively Dreamy

If you love a good soft pretzel, this recipe will look sensational! If we could smell them through our screens, we think our hearts might stop. TikTok content creator @yessidothecookingg gives us an easy, scratch made, soft pretzel recipe that is to-die-for. Trust us, you’ll find the time to make them this weekend.

You’ll want to whip up these buttery pretzels immediately, if not sooner!

Wowza. If you’re old enough to remember, they might just remind you of walking through any mall in the 90s and getting a whiff of Auntie Anne’s amazing buttery pretzels. We think this homemade version is sure to make your house smell like the happiest place on earth. 

The simple dough starts with a sweet blend of warm milk, melted butter, and brown sugar. Add this to the dry ingredients; flour, yeast, and salt. So easy! Once the dough has been kneaded, cover it with oil and plastic wrap and allow it to rest. Punch down the dough and cut it into 8 equal pieces. Turn those pieces into pretzel knots and sprinkle them with salt. When they emerge from the oven, brush on some melted butter. Lawd have mercy! If that wasn’t enough, the homemade honey mustard recipe looks amazing, too!

The audience was very happy to see this recipe. Viewer @victoria commented, “Um, I literally have never wanted to make something so immediately.” We understand completely. Viewer @RykerRules asks a great question, saying, “Can you put cinnamon sugar on top instead of salt?” We don’t know the answer, but we'd be on board to try it! 

We didn’t even know we wanted to bake today, but after seeing this video, there won’t be any way to stop us!