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Woman’s Secret Trick for Cutting Bell Peppers Is Taking Over the Internet

Preparing vegetables can be a tedious task. It doesn’t matter if you plan to toss them into a salad or sprinkle them onto a taco. Yes, we all want to eat them, but we’d love to skip over the prep work. Thanks to a new TikTok video, you can slice up bell peppers easier and faster. Trust us. You won’t want to go back to your old way of cutting again!

TikTok content creator @kellyscleankitchen wows us with her trick for cutting bell peppers. The video has over 13M views and counting. We were stunned at her technique. We don’t understand why we weren’t taught this years ago. This method makes the peppers come out perfectly clean. It’s incredible!

Okay, who is ready to start using this trick? Great! Us too! Come on, why wouldn’t you cut up bell peppers this way? TikTok viewers are so excited about this hack, too. One commenter said, “I worked at Chipotle, and this is how we cut them. And you take all the ends, stack them, and slice them too.” @equityben exclaimed, “Jeezzzzz. I love you!!! Thank you.” @glowwithella replied, “You make it look so easy.” @bwahaha.mama asked, “Where were you all my life?” @ORIANA disclosed, “How did TikTok know I was doom scrolling because I was avoiding meal prepping (which includes bell peppers)? Logging off and trying this now!”

It was a sign, @ORIANA, and we hope you listened. Haha. We’ve waited so long for a simple way to cut our bell peppers. This trick truly is a winner. If you’re interested in more meal prep ideas, check out @kellyscleankitchen’s TikTok channel. 

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