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Genius 'Ben & Jerry's' Ice Cream Hack Blows Our Minds

This ice cream sandwich is a next-level genius idea. Beyond expectation. Pure brilliance hiding in plain sight. TikTok content creator @fastgoodcuisine blows us away with this marvelous ice cream sandwich.

There is no better way to make an ice cream sandwich! You’ll be inventing sandwich ideas in your sleep.

Are you kidding me? We could have simple sliced a container of Ben & Jerry’s for all of these years. We can think of a thousand times we could have really used this trick to get us through a tough night. Learning about this great idea makes us think about all of the great possible combinations. You could use homemade snickerdoodle cookies with a caramel ice cream. Or a dark chocolate cookie with peppermint stick ice cream for the holidays! A chocolate chip cookie feels like it would be perfect with B&J's Fish Food. We can’t wait to give this a taste for ourselves.

Some in the audience were impressed by this great idea, and viewer @Steph commented, “Umm, hello. Where have you been all my life?!?!” Good question, Steph. Viewer @AndyThompson voiced concern. “How do you bite into ice cream? My teeth would leave my mouth.” And viewer @CoolCatHat wasn’t going to waste good ice cream and said, “Do you know how expensive that ice cream is?” We understand all points, but this smart idea can be done with any pint of ice cream and can be budget friendly, too!

We love smart kitchen hacks and we think this easy ice cream sandwich idea is genius!