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Woman's Recipe for the 'Best Grilled Cheese Ever' Is Quickly Going Viral

Children tend to be finicky when it comes to eating. But one of the best things many kids love to eat is a grilled cheese sandwich. What’s not to love about this snack? If it’s done correctly, a grilled cheese sure hits the spot. However, everyone seems to make theirs a little different. It could be as simple like using Swiss and cheddar instead of one type of cheese. Others might opt for wheat bread instead of white. To each their own, right?

TikTok user @spicednice might make the best grilled cheese sandwich we’ve ever seen. No jokes here, folks. That thing looks GOOD. There’s no surprise the video has gained over 15.2 million views. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the recipe and decide for yourself. If this doesn't make you crave grilled cheese, nothing will.

Yup. You want a grilled cheese right now, don’t you? We’d be amazed if you didn’t. TikTok commenters certainly do. User @Ahmad Alzahabi said, “This is the nicest grilled cheese I’ve ever seen.” @Karlye Taylor wrote, “I’ve never wanted grilled cheese more in my life.” User @Men’s Skincare & Cosmetics replied, “I made audible groans in public because of this.”

It sounds like it’s a winner to many. But there were a few naysayers in the crowd. User @melissa Borrego snapped, “Can’t believe y’all just be out here eating cheese like that.” @Hailee joked, “I don’t like how you touched the soup.” Well, at least the majority of the peeps loved the video and were getting hangry waiting for the recipe. The creator was working on her recipe at the time of this post and promised to share it as soon as it’s finished. Let’s hope it’s not too much longer because we’re hungry!

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