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Viral Video of the ‘Best Hot Chocolate in Paris’ Has Us Totally Obsessed

Many of us have dreamed of strolling the streets of Paris. It’s the fashion capital of the world. It’s known for its gorgeous architecture, romantic language, and beautiful people. Plus, the Netflix series, Emily in Paris, does a phenomenal job of making an already alluring city look better. Every episode makes you want to visit Paris to shop, fall in love, and eat. 

In a recent viral video with over 6.7M views by content creator @yumiami_, we see why Paris is known for its culinary delights. Many French pastries and desserts are enjoyed worldwide. If you weren’t a fan of hot chocolate before watching this video get ready to change your opinion. We’re booking a trip to Paris immediately!

Doesn’t that look divine? We can’t stop waiting for it to come out of the screen and into our hands. This hot chocolate could send you into a food coma, but it would be worth it. People can’t get enough of this incredible treat. User @sWhite11993 remarked, “That looks rich and decadent.” @Ashton Clark said, “OMG, it’s so brown!” User @wyatt exclaimed, “OH MY GOD, I NEED THIS NOW!” @peanut britle disclosed, “It made me think of Chocolat the movie with Johnny Depp.” @Camryn wrote, “That looks amazing.”

Yes, this hot chocolate does look amazing. Since Paris is on our bucket list, we see no reason to delay the trip. We’ll be booking our flights and hotel rooms shortly. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this compelling clip, check out @yumiami_’s TikTok for more delectable content.

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