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Boston Chef's Viral Recipe for the 'Best Mozzarella Sticks' Has Us Sold

We didn’t know we were sick of tiny frozen mozzarella sticks until we saw these cheesy behemoths. TikTok content creator @mortadellahead levels up our appetizer expectations with his monstrous mozzarella sticks! And now, we only want to eat this freshly made, fried mozzarella!

You’ll be planning a trip to Boston just to get a taste of this treat!

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy a deep fryer, you’ve got it now. We will never be able to eat a frozen mozzarella stick again after seeing how sensational they look freshly made. These cheesy logs are cut from a big block of beautiful mozzarella cheese. Then they get a double dredge of eggs and breadcrumbs. Off to the fryer they go, and when they come out, they look so much better than anything we’ve tried before.

The audience was drooling over this magnificent use of mozzarella and viewer @JaceHook presented the videos creator with another challenge. “Don’t be scared. Use the whole block of mozzarella.” And @mortadellahead replied, “We just may.” Never challenge a Boston-based chef. Viewer @Dobbo commented, “why wouldn't people have a deep-fat fryer at home? That's pretty standard to be honest.” It might not be standard, but we agree that it should be! Viewer @Jayden shared it from the heart, “I would cry if someone made these for me. Cheese is my love language.” Yes, we speak cheese too.

We will be warming up our fryer for the weekend, to give this a try at home. And the next time we’re in New England, we will be stopping at Mortadella Head to give these sensational cheese sticks a taste there, too!