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Bethenny Frankel's Review of Plant-Based Meat Is Not What We Expected

Many people are switching from a meat-based to a plant-based diet. We’re totally here to support it. If you’re one of the people eating plant-based products, you’ll enjoy today’s post.

In a TikTok content creator, Bethenny Frankel @bethennyfrankel shared her review of three plant-based food products. They looked good to us. We're ready to give them a try.

We appreciate Bethenny taking the time to separate and explain the extra product before she ate it. The Beyond Meat, Beyond Chicken Tenders, Gardein Ultimate Chicken Nuggets, and the Mind Blown Coconut Shrimp all looked tasty. However, Bethenny did have a preference for the Gardein even though she really liked the coconut shrimp. But it’s going to come down to which one you enjoy more.

Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to her review. User @AppleCinder555 wrote, “This was helpful.” @altmat05 said, “Impossible is so much better than those brands. Love all the reviews!” @Jennifer Alfano wrote, “Haha "it's a faux shrimp, and it's frightening. LOL. I love you.” @Garden mama replied, “Gardien is superior!” @MommaLeigha1984 remarked, “I'll have to try some of those. The crunch sounded appetizing!” @CONNIE BROWN966 revealed, “My life in a beautiful bag. Save our beautiful animals.” @joeaye88 said, “There's a brand called Jack & Annie’s, and their chicken nuggets are far and away better.” @Tik Toker disclosed, “Here’s hoping I can find this in Oklahoma. #looksdelish.” 

We hope that people can find these products in their local grocery stores. If not, we recommend searching online for sellers. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more Bethenny, please visit @bethennyfrankel’s TikTok channel. It’s full of interesting content you don’t want to miss.