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Bethenny Frankel’s Trick for Making Avocado Toast Takes It to the Next Level

For the past few years, avocado toast has become the in-thing. It’s delicious, healthy, and includes avocados. It’s a win-win situation. However, avocado toast offers versatility. You can eat plain mashed-up avocados on toast. But you can also jazz it up a bit. One way to do so is to use baguette bread instead of a regular loaf or white or wheat bread. You can also include vegetables like tomatoes or add an egg. 

In a TikTok video by entrepreneur and reality TV star Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) shares her tasty-looking avocado toast recipe. But she also uses a trick that helps cut down on the cleanup. What a great idea!

If you weren’t interested in avocado toast, we’re sure you are now. Bethenny’s version adds some delightful flavors like garlic powder, salt, and cucumbers. Plus, she mixes it together inside the avocado skin. That means less dishes to clean. Let’s see if the TikTok community like it too. User @lex wrote, “The amount of garlic you used. LOL. Love it!” @hrwgriffin said, “Looks yum! And love how you use everything in your fridge.” @Allie replied, “Love a good avocado mixing bowl situation.” @Purrangel disclosed, “Always making me hungry. LOL.”

Yes, @Purrangel, this recipe made us hungry, too. We’ll be heading to the market for the ingredients very soon. If you enjoyed this video, which we’re confident you did, please check Bethenny’s TikTok channel @bethennyfrankel. It’s packed with creative content you won’t want to miss.

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