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Video Showing the 'Big Daddy Burrito Challenge' at Colorado Restaurant Is Going Viral

You have to be one big eater or one brave soul to even consider this burrito challenge. This 96 oz monster was not created for the faint of heart. TikTok content creator @rainaiscrazy brings us along to Aunt Alice's Kitchen in Colorado and shows us the biggest burrito we have ever seen!

You’re our hero if you can eat this burrito in one sitting!

We don't know how this petite lady fits all of this inside, but we're impressed! We don’t need to try this challenge, because we know there is no possible way we would ever get 96 ounces of burrito into our stomach. (And keep it there.) We think eating half of this burrito would be a challenge, and we'd fail. We aren’t saying we wouldn’t order it. It looks absolutely delicious, but we would definitely need a doggy bag. Oh, and that waitress sure doesn’t need a gym membership if she’s carrying around those burritos all day. HA!

The audience had us laughing, and viewer @agirlhasnoname commented, "Do I *HAVE* to finish all the cheese, too? Sis, we ain't the same.” And viewer @Kitsune echoed that sentiment, saying, “Never say, 'do I have to finish all the cheese.' The correct response is, 'do I get to finish all the cheese?'” Too funny, we weren’t even thinking about the cheese. That giant burrito had us completely captivated. Viewer @user2274422353408 tells us, “Tried it once, finished it, threw up in the parking lot, didn’t eat for two days after that.” Yep, that sounds about right. Viewer @Franklin commented, "Is that supposed to be hard? That looks so good.” Wow, if that looks easy, they must be a machine!

Although we won’t be trying this challenge anytime soon, we're definitely in the mood for Mexican now. We might just have to get an average-sized burrito for dinner tonight.