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Fisherman Does a 'Catch Test' Between a 'Big Mac' and a 'Baconator' and There's a Clear Winner

Do you ever wonder what fish like to eat? Yes, we never considered this question either. Many of us just go to the grocery store or restaurants to eat the fish. However, it is an interesting question when you think about it. Sure, you can buy fish food at pet stores or online. But would fish eat the same foods we do? The answer may shock you, but they will eat people's food. 

If you’re familiar with the TikTok channel @maverick_207, you know he puts human food into lobster traps to attract lobsters. We never thought that fish or shellfish would like to eat the same things we do, but the results are shocking. In a recent video, he puts a McDonald’s Big Mac in one trap. He placed a Wendy’s Baconator into another trap. The fish clearly have a preference.

Now the first clip ended on a cliffhanger. We won’t know the outcome of his 24-hour experiment until the second clip. But what did the TikTok viewers think of him selecting a Big Mac and a Baconator? User @Darrell Phillips joked, “If lobsters have taste, Baconator hands down!” @Gary Reid said, “Tag me for 2, please. I'm betting Wendy's does better, and McDonald's catches a mutation.” @scode revealed, “It took me so long to realize you were on the water. I thought you were in the sky.” It would be amazing to have a ship in the sky. Perhaps someday, it’ll be a reality. Let’s find out the results of the taste test.

We weren’t surprised by the results. Those sea creatures obviously love bacon. We can’t blame them because we love it too. But were the TikTok viewers happy with the results? User @Robert Hayes3083 exclaimed, “Everything is better with bacon!” @._Rag._ remarked, “Bro was flabbergasted.” @Wil Otero replied, “Fresh, never frozen!” You’re right about Wendy’s food @Wil Otero. We know the lobsters and fish appreciate better quality burgers. To stay up-to-date on what foods fish enjoy, visit @maverick_207’s TikTok channel. You’ll be happy you did.

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