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Easy Recipe for 'Big Mac Salad' Is the Answer to Our Fast Food Cravings

Just when you think a salad can’t get any better, the internet proves you wrong. McDonald’s is a household name for several reasons. One is because of their Big Mac. If you’ve ever eaten one, you know how tasty and addictive it can be! However, they aren’t exactly the healthiest meal choice. But what if there were a way to have your cake, er Big Mac, and eat it too?

TikTok user @themodernnonna has crafted her version of the McDonald’s Big Mac in salad form. Yes, Big Mac and salad don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But hear us out. This salad looks yummy. Once you see the video, it’ll compel you to skip the McDonald's drive-thru and make this easy recipe instead!

Yep, there's lettuce, cheese, pickles, and special sauce -- just no sesame seed bun. Is your stomach growling now? Well, it’s not difficult to see why after watching the creation of the Big Mac salad. TikTok viewers are shocked by the enticing take on the McDonald’s classic. User @levonnie2006 exclaimed, “My husband is going to shhhhhhht when I show him this!!!” @Nev disclosed, “I’ve made this so many times, I have the measurements memorized.” While user @Manon T said, “Great idea for a diabetic, no bread.”

If you want to try out this inventive dish, you’re in luck. @themodernnonna shared the full Big Mac salad recipe on her website. She even suggests replacing the lettuce with a bun or taco to make it your own. Now that’s a good idea, but the salad does look yummy in its current form. We can't wait to give it a try for ourselves! 

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