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White Lady Asks Black TikTokers 'What's In Their Spice Drawers' and This User's Response Is Gold

We all love to eat. After a long night of rest or a busy day of work, eating a meal is heavenly. But nothing spoils a dining experience more than bland food. Food that lacks flavor is an insult to your palette. Now not everyone buys the same spices during a grocery store run. And there's a huge stereotype that white people aren't as skilled at using seasoning as the Black Community.

 Culture and upbringing heavily influence the way we cook. So, if you came from a home where cooking wasn’t a priority, then your skills could use improvement. That’s okay. Your cooking can get better.

TikTok user @someguynameavery posted a duet video with user @beckythehuman addressing just that.  In the viral video, which has over 3.1 million views, @beckythehuman specifically asks the Black community: What's in your spice drawer? TikToker @someguynameavery’s wife Dede responds with a funny yet honest review of the spices used in their kitchen. Frankly, every white person should take notes.

We can’t stop laughing because she spoke the truth. TikTok is loving this video. The response has been welcoming. 

User @moonshot4589 said, “You put on everything… no matter what,” had me rolling.

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"That was the look of knowing you’ve seen us with our chicken.” @Sarah Williams replied, 

"Spice DRAWER" *opens two cabinets* "okay, so...." LOL.

This video is valuable whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or a seasoned cook. Dede’s explanation of why she used each spice is helpful. 

I think many viewers will grab a bottle of Slap Ya Mama from the spice aisle. The title alone makes you want to sprinkle it on your food.

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