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Mom's Simple Recipe for Grilled 'Smash Burgers' Is Way Too Good

Parents are always looking for ways to simplify dinner without sacrificing flavor. One mom is coming to the rescue and sharing her recipe for smash burgers that are easy to prepare for her big family. These burgers are super delicious, and if you're feeding a big group, you're definitely going to want to check this out.

TikTok user @surviving4mama made a video showing us how to make her amazing smash burgers on their Blackstone Grill. She uses Hawaiian rolls and grills large slabs of their beef burger mixture, and when it's done cooking, she puts them on the buns and cuts the beef into sliders to fit on the Hawaiian rolls. Genius! Check out the video for the full breakdown of how this momma gets her cheeseburgers so perfect.

These look delicious! Some people might think the amount of cheese on these is too much, but we think it's perfect. This recipe is great for a large family or to bring to a potluck party dinner.

People in the comments are amazed by this awesome smash burger hack. @jamiedeutsch said, "That’s genius! Thank you for sharing!" and @mrstrotter15 commented, "Genius using the box." We love when smart mom's share their amazing recipes and hacks for making our lives easier. It's such a relief to have this recipe now!

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Others were super excited to try this recipe. @courtneytriance commented, "Running to the store now so I can make theses for dinner. They look so good!" and @.popatop said, "Over night it to Arizona please." While you're at it, can you mail some to us as well?

We might need to plan a party soon just so we have an excuse to make these smash burgers!

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