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Man's 'Bob Ross Gummy Kit' Brings Out Our Happy Inner Painter

As a child, you probably loved eating gummy bears. You may still eat those yummy, chewy snacks. But have you ever made gummies at home? Well, not you get your chance.

In a TikTok video, content creator @caseyalanvanarsdale shared a gift he received. The Bob Ross Gummy Kit is our new favorite thing. Our inner child is happy.

Your childhood was awesome if you grew up watching Bob Ross paint. Bob Ross's soothing voice and upbeat personality attracted viewers. Watching his show was the best after-school and weekend treat. But his popularity has risen since his passing. Now you can make Bob Ross gummies, and we couldn’t be happier. Plus, it didn’t take long to use the gummy kit, and that’s a huge plus for us.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to the video. User @The Tarmaster wrote, “That’s badass.” @ScrapySprays said, “I will gladly send you the Bob Ross Energy drinks that I have. LOL.” @Llamamamaof9 revealed, “Your videos make me so happy thank you for sharing your art.” @Tala Marlin exclaimed, “That's so cool! Bob Ross Forever!” @Trix joked, “You just ate Bob Ross. Fun gift!” @Blackstarcorona replied, “Reminds me of Creepy Crawlers.” @Christina Ann wrote, “I literally watched this and went online and bought one.” @g.anderson24 said, “Good thing you picked only blue and red because they are always the best flavors for everything.”

Yes, his Bob Ross gummies turned out well. We’d love to make these one day. If you enjoy making gummies and found this video valuable, visit @caseyalanvanarsdale’s TikTok channel. It’s full of terrific videos you’ll want to watch.