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Simple Pasta Hack Is Bound to Change Spaghetti Night Forever

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We’ll bet you remember learning to cook. Did it happen while standing side-by-side with one of your parents? Were you visiting grandma’s house, and she decided to help you learn a life skill? Or were you in a home economics class with your peers? However, you learned cooking skills we are sure making pasta was included. Pasta is one of the easiest meals to make. Yet, if you don’t know the basics of boiling, it can go wrong fast.

In a TikTok video by content creator @ronspina, we see him boiling pasta. The water is jumping around in the pot. What happens next is cool! It would have been helpful if this hack arose during our cooking lessons. We wish we’d known about this sooner!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to lift the pot off the stove to avoid overflowing quickly. But sometimes, we’re not quick enough. Then, we had the pleasure of extra cleanup after dinner. Not fun for anyone. Dropping an ice cube into the water to prevent it from spilling over is a lifesaver! TikTok users are loving this tip. User @chloe admitted, “Wow. I never knew that.” @Strongastiger312 joked, “I like screaming at the water to not overflow.” User @richnyc21 exclaimed, “Whaaaaaaat?!” @Single Gay Teen disclosed, “Holy shot! I was today days old when I learned this.”

Yes, people are fans of this trick. However, some people asked if the ice would make the water cold. No, because @ronspina uses one ice cube, not several. So, if you want to implement this hack during your next pasta cooking, go ahead. But please offer us a plate because we love to eat.