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Man's Mind-Blowing Hack Will Change the Way You Eat Bone-In Wings

Fried chicken has become a staple in the American diet. Sure, some people are trying to cut down on trans-fat. But that doesn’t mean you can cook up those wings in healthier options like sunflower, avocado, or olive oil. Once those wings are cooked to perfection, all you want to do is pop them in your mouth.

But what about the bones? Yes, bones inside of chicken wings can slow down munching. However, this video by TikTok user @dafattestninja helps fix the bone problem. Take a look at his problem-solving clip. Never struggle getting all the meat ever again.

Yes, he did that. You can thank him later. Unless you’re one of the many viewers who won’t eat all of a chicken wing. 

User @Riri said, “Noo I’m still not eating veins and gristle.” 

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While user @Breadless replied, “Turned the wing into a chicken nugget.” 

Hahaha, there’s a divide between opinions, alright. But there are some health benefits to eating cartilage.

According to Medical News Today, cartilage is high in collagen, which provides amino acids. Bone marrow is also high in iron, fatty acids, and vitamins A and K.

But if you’re still not sold on eating an entire portion of a chicken wing, that’s okay. There are always boneless wings for you to devour.

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