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Woman’s Hack for Making Boxed Cake Taste Bakery-Worthy Is a Must-See

When it comes to special occasions, people love to eat. It could be the first day of school or a new job. Whatever is going on, food is a wonderful way to celebrate. But after you’ve feasted on your entrée, something sweet always hits the spot. You could grab an ice cream sundae. Or you might want a double fudge brownie. If neither of those calls out to your sweet tooth, then perhaps a slice of cake will do it. Cake is moist and delicious. That’s why we enjoy savoring it.

In a TikTok series by content creator @willcookforcake, she shows us her process of turning a boxed cake into a bakery creation for her nephew’s baptism. This is so simple, but it’s a major game-changer.

Wow! We never thought to use sour cream or instant pudding to add more moisture. Those are great tips! Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about her cake hacks. User @Katie Beck exclaimed, “I been waiting on this one!” @isabellafranco377 revealed, “You’re so right. My daughter used this recipe. It’s really good.” @Janeth disclosed, “Okay, I’m waiting for part two. I want to make this. It sounds so good.” Yes, check out part two to see her assemble the cake.

We had no idea that so much time goes into stacking a cake. The next time we order a cake, thank the baker for their diligence. It takes a unique talent to bake such a large cake. But did TikTok viewers enjoy the tips in this video? User @kkelsch18 stated, “Also wondering about freezing the layers!” @willcookforcake replied, “I think freezing definitely helps keep the cake stable and less messy when you’re assembling and crumb coating!” We agree since the cake looks tasty. Let’s see how it turned out after she completed the decoration.

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Oh my, that looks fantastic! @willcookforcake may not be a professional baker, but we’d hire her to make our cakes any day. @user1142870440233 exclaimed, “Whoa! Great job! Beautiful.” Yes, we’re with you on that @user1142870440233. Her family and friends will love her creation. If you enjoyed these videos, please check out @willcookforcake’s TikTok channel. It’ll satisfy your sugar craving.

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