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Man's Epic Reaction to Expensive Prices on Restaurant Menu Is As Good As It Gets

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Anniversaries are a time of celebration to show appreciation for the one we love. Some of us choose to buy flowers and candy. Others will spend time and energy selecting the perfect gift. However, some couples will go all out to celebrate. Depending on your personality, skydiving might be calling your names. But that might not be every couple’s ideal anniversary date! Yet saying, “I love you” with a delicious meal is always a great option.

In a recent video by TikTok content creator @rileydoingthingstoo, we tag along to his anniversary meal. Get ready to chuckle as the reality of an expensive menu slaps Riley in the face. It probably took days for this guy to recover from the shock. Check out the video to see his reaction!

Nothing says 'Happy Anniversary' more than a man willing to pay $42 per ounce for a Wine-Fed New York Strip Kobe Steak. TikTok users empathized with Riley and had their opinions ready for those outrageously priced menu items. @AmberDuh said, “It stings now, but it's a memory y'all will never forget and will laugh at for years to come. And that’s worth every penny. Happy Anniversary!” @dlash71replied, “Watching from California thinking that’s actually not bad for dinner prices.” In comparison, @KT joked, “That King Crab Price, though! Picasso.”

The lesson learned here is always check the menu online before dining out. You don’t want to receive the sticker price shock like Riley. But at least he and his girlfriend can say they dined on fine cuisine for their anniversary. It beats a Hot Pocket any day.