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Woman Makes Entire Breakfast Sandwich Right At Her Desk Thanks to Nifty Gadget

We're going to need one of these, stat!

Listen, a hot breakfast is a day game changer. Cereal is great, bagels can be super satisfying, but there is something about a warm egg, some cheese and all the fixins' that just hits the spot. Breakfast is essential to productivity and overall metabolic health, but the problem for working Americans is we simply don't have time to treat ourselves to a full meal. 

One 9-5er thought to themselves "no more" and invested in a gadget that helps her enjoy a hot meal literally from the comfort of her desk. 


Using a $12 Dash Mini Maker Griddle, this woman toasts herself a round piece of bread and fries a whole over easy egg in moments. Keeping a stash of seasonings on her desk, she sprinkled some "everything" bagel seasoning mix onto her lightly toasted and cream cheesed bread. She then layered on some hearty spinach greens and topped it with the red pepper flaked over the egg. When she cut into that delicious looking breakfast, it was almost as if we saw her transport from her desk to a small French cafe.

While we happen to think this is genius, some people were not so impressed. Followers thought while she was being a savvy worker, she was being and inconsiderate colleague as they imagined that the smell really permeates the office. 

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We can leave it to her officemates to judge, but we are 100% focused on the delicious looking open-faced egg sandwich she whipped up and that's enough to have us running to Amazon.  

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