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Woman’s Breakfast Quesadilla Hack Is So Good It’s Going Viral

When it comes to eating breakfast, we have plenty of possibilities. Some prefer a coffee and bagel. Others like a smoothie with a bottle of water. In contrast, you might prefer cereal and a side of fruit. But what about eating food we don’t always associate with breakfast? Over the years, chicken sandwiches have appeared on restaurant menus, so the door is open for unconventional breakfast meals.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @sailor_bailey, she let us in on her hack for making quick and delicious quesadillas. But her quesadillas are meant for breakfast. Now, we’ve seen breakfast burritos, but this quesadilla idea is new to us. It looks yummy. This will make us get out of bed in the morning.

What a brilliant way to make a breakfast quesadilla! Sure, it seems like common sense, but how many of you were using this trick? Not us, that’s for sure. People can’t get enough of this delicious treat. User @Elaina Cesar asked, “Wait, we are doing breakfast quesadillas? I’m in.” Another commenter replied with, “I just made it! So good, although you make the flipping part look so easy. LOL.” @Louis Pitalo381 exclaimed, “I can’t wait to make it. That looks so freaking delicious!” 

Yes, that quesadilla looks delightful. But we’d want a side of bacon with ours. Hey, we love our bacon. Please head over to @sailor_bailey’s TikTok channel for more tasty recipes if you loved this recipe. But remember sharing is caring, so send us some meals!

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