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Man Tries Enormous 'British Burrito' in London and the Video Is Going Viral

If you’re hungry and you only have a salad on the menu today, you might want to skip this video. Once you see it, you’ll be booking a flight to the United Kingdom, just to try this sensational sandwich. TikTok content creator @hungryhugh took us along on his visit to London, and now we have some big, indulgent, travel goals!

If you've never seen a "British Burrito" before, get ready to fall quickly in love. Sunday pot roast, burrito-style? Sign us up!

We love pot roast. We love burritos. We’re just not sure why no one has thought to do this before. We’ve got to give it to the Brits here, this recipe is a real stunner!

This succulent sandwich from Yorkshire Burrito starts with the bread getting a nice toast on the grill, then a little seasoning, topped with baby spinach. Then, they put that pretty pot roast on one side and some lovely potatoes and stuffing on the other. It's finished off with gorgeous gravy and wrapped up burrito-style. Holy moly! Hungry doesn’t even begin to describe our current stomach situation.

The audience had some mixed feelings on the use of spinach in the burrito. Viewer @D commented, “Spinach in a Sunday roast? The chef needs a life sentence just for that, then an extra 5 years for being stingy with the stuffing.” That's some real pot roast passion, but we weren’t upset by it, and neither was viewer @awonderfulwasteoftime commented, “Seeing a lot of complaints about spinach, but I think it would be pretty good with beef, would also whack half a jar of horseradish in there myself.”

If you don't have a trip to London planned but you're lucky enough to have leftover pot roast in your fridge, you've got to give this a try for yourself today!