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British Couple Tries ‘IHOP’ for the First Time and People Have Feelings

Trying new restaurants is one of our favorite things to do. The excitement of entering an unknown atmosphere and tasting new dishes gives us an adrenaline rush. There are so many options that choosing a restaurant might feel overwhelming. If you’re visiting another country, difficulty locating a quality establishment increases. Thankfully, social media helps us out.

The “squirty cream” loving British couple is back with a new video! This time, TikTok users @thosetwobrits are visiting IHOP. Their reactions to this American staple have people talking. Watch the video to see their experience.

Yes, we saw what you did. But let’s not chastise them for eating food in their way. No two people eat alike. However, the TikTok community is buzzing with comments, and we’re enjoying the show. User @Ryan Kendrick asked, “Did I just witness you putting salt on a pancake and eating it like a taco?” @Kyle suggested, “Alright, you two need an American friend to show you the ropes.” @tammysuebakker wrote, “I’m such a fan of the two of you! That’s my hometown! You guys should have gone to The Original Pancake House! It’s wonderful!”

You might disagree with this couple’s eating habits, but at least they’re pleasant and entertaining to watch. User @Mandy O'Brien Spreng admitted, “Can’t stop watching your videos, sensational!” @condescendingparrot disclosed, “I’m only here for the lovely British accents.” Yes, their accents add razzle-dazzle to their humorous videos. Let’s hope their next dining excursion occurs at a local eatery because it’s good to expand your horizons.

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