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British Couple Tries Popular 'Trader Joes' Snacks and Their Reactions Are Perfect

We all know what it’s like to fall for the hype. We’re bombarded by ads trying to coerce our hard-earned dollars from our accounts every day. But not all hyped-up businesses fall short. One well-known brand is Trader Joe’s. Shoppers of this health food supermarket rave about the products. Yet, can you blame them?

In a recent two-part video from British TikTok couple @sarahashcroftofficial, we see what happens when first-time shoppers fall in love with items. Trust us. Their reactions are evident in what was bought. However, it’s easy to fall for quality products. Nobody can resist the allure of Trader Joe’s food! Check out part one to see what came home with Sarah.

Yum!!! We agree. Those almonds look amazing! Who knew Trader Joe’s offered a variety of yummy drupes? Yup, almonds aren’t nuts. They’re drupes. But whatever they are, they taste great. People who watched the video were totally on board. @ Kenzie said, “Love this, thank you for sharing your almond haul.” @Emily Bogaudo cheered, “I love the excitement for almonds!” User @Janell Deciah joked, “LMAO! I go to Trader Joe’s every week and walk past the almonds.”

Although almonds are fantastic, what else did this duo buy? We’re glad you asked. This time around, the sweet snacks prevailed.

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User @winnyhayes said, “Carrot cake is technically a vegetable.” @Nancy Kong-Vasquez exclaimed, “The PB&J snacks are one of my favorites! So good!” @Kim joked, “I guess you guys get the obsession now? Lol,” @AirlineTellAll confirmed, “Guess I’m going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow!” Considering all the delicious treats in the videos, we might see you there, @AirlineTellAll.

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