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British Family Tries American Fast Food for the First Time and People Are Here for It

When it comes to fast food, Americans have so many options. You can buy a burger, chicken sandwich, and fries from multiple restaurants. Usually, they’re close to one another, increasing your difficulty in choosing. However, people from abroad might not have all our fast food restaurants. Therefore, trying food from one of our places is a big deal for them.

In a recent TikTok video from content creator @charzreviews, she and her family visit an American fast food restaurant. She captured their dining experience and provided a review. We’re wondering if Americans would offer a similar rating. This isn't the reaction we expected.

Wow! They gave Chick-Fil-A a 9/10. That’s not bad. The rating could have been much lower. But since they forgot the ketchup, we understand the decrease in their score. Let’s see if the TikTok community agrees with this rating. User @user5040520388436 revealed, “The best fast food I had in the US.” @brittany wrote, “They’re usually really good at putting my sauces in the bag. LOL.” @AdrianCooks said, “Chick-Fil-A is a life-changing experience! It’s so good it almost ruined my life. LOL.” @Summer Henry Moore suggested, “Next time, get the Chick-Fil-A sauce!” We’re happy people are responding well to their fast food visits. But let’s take a look at another restaurant outing. 

Those cupcake pancakes looked incredible. We’re suckers for tasty pancakes. Plus, the omelets were an excellent side dish. Let’s see if TikTok was feeling this food. User @user1760136476905 said, “I had a cinnamon roll french toast there about eight years ago, and I still occasionally remember how good it was.” @Losing Pounds, Making Par. disclosed, “IHOP needs to come to the UK!” We didn’t know IHOP wasn’t in the UK yet. Let’s hope that changes in not too distant future. To stay updated on @charzreviews’ restaurant visits, check out their TikTok channel.

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