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British People Try ‘Hooters’ for the First Time and the Result Is As Good As We Expected

Do you like Hooters? Sure! Who doesn’t? If you’re a fan or unfamiliar with the national restaurant chain known for their wings n things, you’ll enjoy today’s post. When it comes to chicken wings, people can be finicky. That’s because it’s easy to mess them up. Chicken wings require a balance of seasoning and frying skills. Hooters provides both.

TikTok creators @thosetwobrits are back at it again. This time, they’ve found themselves in the popular, yet infamous sports bar chain. You can expect more shenanigans from Joel & Lia. These two are totally cracking people up with their very first visit to Hooters.

Yet again, these two deliver serious laughs! We’re happy the Hooters wings proved tasty sauce and smooth shots of Sambuca. TikTok users are loving their little adventure. @Nunya Biznazz said, “Their wings are incredible.” @stefan kanelakis wondered, “You don’t have these restaurants in the UK?” @Tusk Away disclosed, “Chicks at Hooters aren’t hired for their serving skills.” In contrast, @Schlatko revealed, “You don’t go to Hooters for the food.”

If you’ve followed these two for a while, you might surprised to find out that they aren’t actually an item. (Say what?) User @Randi asked, “Wait. You guys aren’t a couple? I’ve made a mistake.” Yeah. We all did!

Yes, we are surprised Joel & Lia aren’t a couple, but their friendship is genuine. We think the wings at Hooters are good, too. But of course, the taste is subjective. Of course, we all know there’s a much more shallow reason for why people choose to visit Hooters. Let’s hope Joel & Lia go to another wholesome establishment on their next visit.